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Huawei International Students Recruitment 2020


Huawei Recruitment China

Huawei is recruiting international students! This is your chance to start your career with one of the leading companies from China and grow an international career!

Positions are available all over the globe!

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Heroes may come from anywhere. Everyone who makes a contribution should be rewarded. Come and experience customer centricity and inspiring dedication, and build a Better Connected World with us

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We want you! You embrace the world, you dig in and dig deep, you find insights. Let's build the world together.

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On-the-job Insights: Do you want to know about Huawei? What is it like to work with industry leaders? Let's tell you all about it.

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The key is many opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and first jobs in EU.

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  1. Am a student studying computer engineering in China I have been here since 2017 and I can speak a little Chinese. Am creative and very good in coming up with new ideas. After all am a smartphone lover and I know exactly what the young generation are addicted to when it comes to smart technology…so am in

  2. I am studying at Beihang University, majoring in Aircrafts design. But I am ready to learn anything concerning engineerings and every opportunity that develops the mind, I will graduate in July 2020. This would be a great opportunity if I am given this chance.

  3. My name is Sami I am PhD student at Southeast University. Last month I have attended the Huawei Recruitment orientation. It was very event we have learned a lot about huawei, it working environment, and met with some amazing people working at huawei. It inspires me a lot. I am interested to work for huawei after graduation next year. Currently I have applied to internship program in R&D department. Because I study materials for renewable and innovative sources of clean energy. Good Day!

  4. hello, i am student from Beijing Union University studying international trade and economics. i thought of applying to Huawei in particular because i paid attention to how many people use and would to love to use your products in my home country(Uganda) and all over the globe.
    you also had a booth on Career day where i got to understand the trade aspect and future prospects of a brand like Huawei.

    i look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hello i’m a student from North China university of technology and i’m studying international economics and trade . I am applying for a consideration for the summer application internship program at your company .In my 3 years at university i have completed a great deal of coursework in marketing ,bussiness chinese ,international trade,bussiness economics and operating system. In addition i spent the last semester volunteering my time as a sales person at a local phone company in my country ,this helped my skills in team work and dedication .I believe i would make a good and excellent addition to your company .I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. My name is MIKHAIL, 24 years old and I have two higher degree. 2018- 2019 June, head assistant of director at Beijing association of martial arts
    ( Meet and escort foreign instructors, teachers and foreign guests. Participation in certifying commission, documents controll and translation. Attention please! I didn’t work for the teaching of martial arts only assistant-administrator and supervisor). Also have 3 years experience in financial market at the INTERNET!-Foreign exchange market, first wanted to say that it wasn’t my hobby cause at the beginning I was studying for that and then worked for the self-income at home, the name of company FxPro Group Ltd Great Britain. This is can make you sure that I am really have high analytical mind, communication skills and very responsible. 2 years at the Hebei Institute of foreign languages and 4 years in Beijing International Studies University, so I can speak in Chinese, English and Russian. Twice winner of Chinese scholarship 1) 2014 Hebei institute of foreign languages scholarship and 2) 2015 Chinese National Government Scholarship (bachelor degree).

  7. I’m a student of the university of science and Technology Beijing studying Masters in Telecommunications Engineering.
    It’s my dream to work with Huawei.
    I’m interested in this opportunity.

  8. i am interested i was graduated from Beijing institute of technology last yers from law school my name is CAMARA LANSANA BOH

  9. I am paul beda, I am in 2 nd year of international business training, I speak French, English and I do not base in Chinese. I am in Lingnan University in Zhanjiang, I have an in-depth management training and I master international trade. I have 26 years working at Huawei is my dream for over 8 years

    1. My name is Abodunrin Olusola, I am 21 years old, i am from Nigeria, a student of ladoke akintola university of technology, i just completed CCNA training. And i wish i can see what it looks like more with huawei.

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