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NEW Visa Policy for Graduate Students (published 12. January 2017/ updated March 2019)
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Please find the official instructions on getting your specific visa with our links below.


L (Tourist) / X (Student)/ M (Business)/ Z (Work).


For L, X and M Visa we only need your basic details and you will receive all needed documents to pick up your visa at the PSB or at the Chinese Embassy in your home country.


Instructions on Application For M (Business) Visa Extension or Renewal for Foreigners


Instructions on Application for Tourist (L) Visa Extension for Foreigners


Instructions on Application for X2 (Short Term Study) Visa Extension Or Renewal for Foreigners


Internship in Zhongguancun Science Park / Instructions On Application for Visa for Foreign Students of Overseas University


Instructions on Application for F (Visitor) Visa Extension Or Renewal for Foreigners


For the Z Visa we will in addition need your employing company's contact.


For the full list of updated instructions on application please visit this link from the Beijing Government (in English):



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