Top 10 Ways To Learn Chinese For Free

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Did you always want to learn Chinese and never had the time? Well, when if not now? While the Corona Virus is out there you can sit at home and study Chinese.
We have listed the best ways to learn Chinese for free – Free apps and websites.
Looking for Tandem Chinese Partners – Write a comment in the section below.


Awesome website to learn Chinese for free. Choose between 17 different topics and learn the most essential sentences. Nice Quiz to see how your language improves.


My favourite Chinese App. It is a Chinese dictionary which also helps to learn your characters as it includes a quiz mode with all HSK level words. Also, the dictionary works offline so you can use it at remote areas of China where nobody speaks English.


Another excellent app to learn Chinese the fun way. Different quizzes and different topics. Pass the test to access the next level of classes.

Digital Dialects

Lovely page with many games to easily learn Chinese words and phrases with different topics. Games are in both, audio and text.


Chinese Tools

Learn with 30 lessons how to speak Chinese. They offer Mandarin audio courses and also have some online exercises.

HS Chinese

Start with a Chinese level placement quiz and improve your Chinese from there. This is an excellent website to learn for your HSK test. There is quite a lot of free training material but to access everything you would need to sign up.


Learn the Chinese grammar with over 150 free lessons, train your tones and get your Chinese to the next level with funny gamification.


A great website to learn any language.Great tool with an introduction test to evaluate your level. Fun way to learn the language with different quizzes.Choose Chinese as the language (you find it if you are on the English speaking page)

Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute offers free online lessons in preparation of the HSK. Simply register online and get access to free Chinese lessons.

10 Tandem Learning

As you are in China already it is of course easy to find people to talk to in Chinese. Use the chance and speak to people around you. Maybe someone would like to make a tandem – you learn Chinese and you can teach them your language.
If you are looking for a tandem partner – write a comment in the comment section below and see if you find a fitting language partner


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