Corona Virus Updates in Beijing and China

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Updated Thursday 24. September, 16.04

Latest updates: FAQ Vaccination Beijing 

Airline updates


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Stay updated on what is going on. We regularly update our page to inform you about the most important impacts. Scroll down to see which universities remain closed, which airlines cancelled their flights and which countries are evacuating their citizens

If you want to be updated on what is happening around you, you can regularly check our website. We will update you here about cases, numbers and consequences of the virus in English. If you want to know even faster you can check out the WeChat account Dr. Lila(丁香医生) which updates the numbers even faster but in Chinese.

Stay save with the guideline of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.


Latest updates

(4/14 16.58) See our FAQ for the Vaccination in Beijing (Read full FAQ)

(3/25 8.18) China to offer Covid19 for foreigners(Read full article)

(3/01 22.04) Anal Swabs for foreigners – BBC reported that Japanese and American citizens reported anal swabs at the airport when entering China (Read full article)

(11/09 23.04) Pfizer and BioNTech announced that they have a vaccine against covid-19 (Read full article)

(9/24 16.04) China lifts entry ban on foreigners: From the 28. September foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion are allowed to enter China with no need for applying for new visas. (Read full article)

(9/3 15.45) The Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that from Today, September 3., nine direct flights bound for Beijing from eight countries will resume — Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Sweden & Canada (Read full article)

(5/24 6.45) Express Access for foreigners coming soon? According to Global Times, Germany will have an Express Access for specific employees needed in China. The people will be tested in Germany and go into a 48 hours quarantine in China. Other countries might follow soon – in discussion are Japan and Singapore.

(5/17 17.05) No need for masks in Beijing anymore. After months of wearing masks to prevent virus infection risks, people can breathe freely outside without a mask in China’s capital, Beijing, according to new guidance from the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control released on Sunday See the full article on China Daily

(4/12 20.13) Beijing Schools to reopen: Beijing’s Education Authority announced today that the first schools in Beijing will reopen by end of April. See the full article on China Daily

(3/27 03.22) Foreign Nationals are not allowed to enter China anymore! Even if you have a valid visa or residence permit you are currently not allowed to enter the country anymore – starting from 28. March 0.00 – It was just announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here

(3/26 22.24) All airlines are only allowed to maintain 1 (one) international route to any specific country with no more than one flight per week. Details here.

(3/22 21.02) Inbound international flight to Beijing will be diverted to these airports: (more details and info here)

Air China: Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Hohhot, Shenyang, Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Xi’an

China Southern Airlines: Shenyang, Jinan

Hainan Airlines: Taiyuan

Emirates: Shanghai

Etihad Airlines: Xi’an

Ethiopian Airlines: Taiyuan

Korean Air: Qingdao

Aeroflot: Tianjin

Asiana Airlines: Dalian

Malaysia Airlines: Zhengzhou

Thai Airways: Shijiazhuang

Singapore Airlines: Nanjing

    • (3/18 16.35) Domestic Airlines with international flights landing in Beijing to be diverted to other airports – info here
    • (3/17 13.15) Quarantine has to be paid by one self from now on – what that means can be found here
    • (3/12 10.43) US to close boarder for Europeans – info here
    • (3/10 15.13) Students facing disqualification if they come back to China or go for travelling – here the details 
    • (3/06 17.23) International flights starting again Info here
    • (3/02 18.30) Visas automatically extended by 2 months – Details in this link
    • (2/20 14.00) New cures exceed new diagnoses for the first time: The number of currently existing cases is going down. Is this a sign that the peak is reached already?
    • (2/14 23.00): Beijing Returnees need 14 days in quarantine: Everyone returning to Beijing will have to remain in quarantine for 14 days. Also, you need to inform your work place and residence that you are returning.
    • (2/11 14.00) Suspect cases drop significantly: Hopes are that the worst is over.
    • (2/10 23.00) Check the current travel information: The National Immigration Administration has just launched a tool to check the latest temporary travel restrictions imposed by other countries and regions – to access the info scan the QR-code in the pic below – only in Chinese
      Travel ban app Corona Virus - flight restrictions
    • (2/1 20.20) Australia bans foreign arrivals from mainland China. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has announced Australian citizens, permanent residents will be excepted from the measure – Details here

      • US also banning foreign arrivals from China
    • (updates 2/3 8.18am) Airlines suspending flights to and from China: See our list of Airlines suspending their flights. Please let us know in the comments below if you know of other airlines suspending their flights.
      • Qantas suspending its flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Australia from February 9. – March 29 – Link to official statement here
      • British Airlines – temporarily suspended their flights to and from Beijing and Shanghai with immediate effect, until Friday 31 January, while assessing the situation. – Link to official statement here
      • Air Canada – No flights to Beijing or Shanghai in the month of February – Link to official statement here
      • Lufthansa – Last flight 30.1.2020, flights to and from mainland cancelled until February 9. – Link to official statement here
        Passengers with tickets issued before or on January 23 for flights to or from mainland China between January 24 and February 23, are able to rebook their flight on the original routing or refund their tickets.
      • Swiss – Last flight 30.1.2020, flights to and from mainland cancelled until February 9. – Link to official statement here
      • Austrian – Last flight 30.1.2020, flights to and from mainland cancelled until February 9. – Link to official statement here
      • Finnair – Flights to Beijing Daxing (from Feb. 5.) and Nanjing (Feb. 8.) are cancelled until March 29. – Link to official statement here
      • American Airlines – Some flights cancelled – Link with official statement here
      • Lion Air – All flights to China will be suspended temporarily starting from Feb. 1. until further notice.
      • United – some flights suspended – Link to official statement here
      • Cathay Pacific – about 50% of all flights to mainland will be cancelled – Link to official statement here
      • Air Asia – Cancelled all flight to and from Wuhan and selected flights to mainland – Link to official statement
      • Further airlines cancelling all flights
        • Delta Airlines
        • ElAl
        • Turkish Airlines
        • Air Astana
        • Air France 
        • Egypt Air
        • Myanmar Airlines
      • Further airlines cancelling some flights
        • Hong Kong Airlines
        • Singapore Airlines
        • Asiana
        • Korea Air
        • Jetstar
        • Cebu Pacific
        • Air India
        • Virgin Atlantic
        • SAS
        • KLM
        • Ukraine Airlines
      • Let us know if you know of other airlines cancelling their flights to mainland China – write a comment below
    • (1/29 6:55am) Several countries are evacuating their people out of the danger zone in Wuhan. The first to do so were the Japanese. They evacuated 206 Japanese people and flew them to Tokyo (Details here).  At the same time the US evacuated 201 diplomats and other US-citizens. They all cleared a health check in China before boarding and a second check in Anchorage, Alaska where they stoped for a refuel (Details here).
      Other countries like Germany (in the coming days), France (flight on Thursday or Friday) and Australia are also planning to evacuate their citizens from the epicenter of the virus in Wuhan. Is your country evacuating as well? Let us know in the comments below.
    • (1/29 6.30am) German citizens are asked  to register on the Krisenvorsorgeliste:
    • (1/29 8.23am) Swiss citizens please register with the Swiss government at:
    • (1/29 6:25am) Universities remain closed: For now we have confirmation of the following universities – if you know of others please let us know in the comments below.
    • Beijing 
      • UIBE
      • Beijing Institute of Technology
      • Beihang University
      • China University of Petroleum
      • Renmin University
      • Tsinghua University
      • Beijing University (Beida)
      • BLCU
    • Other Regions
      • All universities in Wuhan
      • Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
      • Fudan University, Shanghai
      • Shanghai University
      • Huazhong Agricultural University
      • Fujian Universities
    • For now we don’t know when they will start the new semester – we keep you posted.
    • (1/27 11:34pm) First patient in Beijing dies: a 50 years old man, who went to Wuhan on January 8 developed fever after returning to Beijing on the 15th. He went to the hospital on the 21st and was confirmed on the 22nd. His condition worsened today and he died of respiratory failure.
    • 1/27.4.12pm) Universities postpone Spring Semester Registration: UIBE officially announced that its registration for the spring semester is postponed and the new exact date will be announced later.
    • (1/27 7.11am) Spring Festival holidays extended: The state council officially prolonged the holidays until Sunday 2. February.
    • (1/25 9:34pm) Beijing suspends long distance bus traffic: Regional buses are still running but long distance busses will be stoped at the city boarder.
    • (1/24 1:16pm) Many cinemas remaining closed: Besides the fact that going to the cinema in these times not being the smartest idea – many of them are now also shutting down.
    • (1/24 10.36am) Different sections of the Great Wall closing down:  For now not the whole great wall is closed. for now it is only the Juyongguan section and the Ming Tombs.
    • (1/24 8:46am) Many popular attractions shutting down:  It looks as if many paid attractions are closing down due to the Corona Virus. Double check before going. We know that the following places will remain closed: The Confucius Temple and Lama Temple, Poly Plaza Theater, the Beijing Concert Hall, the National Peking Opera Theater and Happy Valley.
  • (1/24, 12.55am) First death outside of Wuhan: The death toll increased to 18. The first victim outside of Hebei passed away in Hebei Province – around 200kn south of Beijing.
  • (1/23, 11.32pm) Tourist attractions in Beijing are closing: Among the closing attractions are the Forbidden City, Prince Gong’s Mansion, the National Art Museum, National Library, the Birds Nest and the Beijing Observatory.
  • (1/23, 5:59pm) Which district in Beijing is affected: The current 22 infections in Beijing: Xicheng (3); Chaoyang (2); Haidian (3); Fengtai (1); Shijingshan (1); Tongzhou (2); Daxing (2); Changping (2); visitors from Wuhan (6). Be updated with this link .
  • (1/23, 5:40pm) No Temple Fairs: In order to prevent the virus from spreading following temple fairs are cancelled: Ditan Park, Longtanhu Park, Daguanyuan and Dongyue Temple.
  • (1/23, 5:40pm) Beijing Subway Disinfected Hourly: For now the Beijing Subway is running normally and every station is being disinfected on an hourly basis.
  • (1/23 3.15am) Wuhans public transport shuts down:  Wuhans entire public transport system will shut down. This includes buses, subway, and ferry service, airports and railway stations. We keep you informed once they reopen.

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  1. No need to worry @all, although it takes many precious lives,but the way to control this deadly virus from Chinese government is absolutely mindblowing Salute to all. Keep fighting our best wishes and prayers are with you great china.

  2. Bro it’s nice work ,keep it up and please inform us about the opening of university when you get new information from the Chinese government

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