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About Company: 法兰克福足球俱乐部拥有120年历史,无论是职业足球、青少年发展和草根足球方面都显示出骄人的成就。法兰克福足球俱乐部作为中国首位留洋五大联赛球员杨晨的母队,旨在利用德甲俱乐部其自身的独特能力,利用足球所体现出的共同兴趣、目标和价值在各国之间搭建起桥梁,将各国的人民凝聚在一起。

Founded 120 years ago, Eintracht Frankfurt is a German multisport club that is best known for its football club. It has made outstanding achievements in professional football, youth football development and amateur football. As a club currently playing in the Bundesliga, the top tier of the German football league system, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG aims to make use of its own unique abilities to bridge the gap between nations with common interests, goals and values embodied in football, so as to bring the people of all countries together.


Eintracht Frankfurt Football (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established by Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG as a wholly-owned subsidiary in China. The main business is to carry out various football-related activities in China, including providing support and training for football coaches, co-building international football schools, football culture promotion and other activities, providing professional football development services for the Chinese market. Eintracht Frankfurt has successfully provided a number of services to the Chinese government, sports, educational institutions, colleges, enterprises and youth training organizations.

About this job:
  1. 协助法兰克福俱乐部中国办事处主任进行商务开发工作,包括足球合作项目,宣传和市场营销项目;
  2. 设计开发足球合作项目,制订方案和执行计划;
  3. 负责按照项目计划跟踪执行,包括质量监控,客户沟通,合同执行,协调项目各相关方;
  4. 了解分析不同客户需求,提出服务方案和建议;
  5. 建立并维护中国范围内相关方的重要资源网络,特别是体育,教育,足球俱乐部,足校和青训机构等;
  6. 积极参与俱乐部的宣传工作、市场推广工作;
  7. 定期口头及书面向中国办事处主任汇报项目阶段情况;
  8. 完成俱乐部分配的其他任务。


  1. Assist the Head of China Office in business development, including football cooperation projects, marketing & promotional projects;
  2. Create and develop football cooperation projects, create strategic and implementation plans;
  3. Track the implementation of strategic plans, including quality monitoring, customer communication, contract execution, and coordination of all parties in the projects;
  4. Analyze and identify customer needs and put forward recommendations based on them;
  5. Establish and maintain the resources network in China, especially in sports, education institutions and football clubs, football academies as well as youth training organizations, etc.;
  6. Actively participate in the promotional activities in marketing of the club;
  7. Provide input for updates/status/progress of reports for the Head of China office;
  8. Perform appropriate duties as assigned by management.
  • 大学本科以上学历,足球管理、项目管理、企业管理等相关专业优先;
  • 拥有丰富的足球知识,至少有三年以上的足球领域工作经验;
  • 有项目管理或市场营销经验;
  • 具备良好的团队协作能力和具有优秀的人际交往能力;
  • 拥有良好的客户资源,或具有快速建立和维护客户资源的能力;
  • 有国际合作经验优先;
  • 中文母语,可用英语或德语沟通和工作,口语流利、书面语表达流畅;
  • 有工作热情,注重细节,具备较强的多任务处理能力;
  • 能熟练运用Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook 等 Office办公软件。


  • Bachelor degree or above, football management, project management, business management and other related majors are preferred;
  • Abundant knowledge of football, at least 3 years’ experience in the football-related industry;
  • Experience in project management or marketing;
  • Excellent teamwork skills and strong interpersonal communication;
  • Have good customer resources, or have the ability to quickly establish and maintain customer resources;
  • Experience of international cooperation is preferred;
  • Chinese as mother tongue, English or German as working language, fluent in spoken and written;
  • Passion to work, attention to detail, and strong multitasking skills;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
How to apply: 请将您的应聘信、中英文简历以及推荐信函发至邮箱,并请在应聘信中注明期待的薪资。截止日期为2021年1月31日。

Warmly welcome you to send your application letter, CV in both Chinese and English, and reference letter to, please added with your salary expectations in the mail. The deadline is January 31, 2021.


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