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InternsInBeijing is very happy to announce that we started to work together with the world's largest Volunteer Association (CVA) with over 100 million volunteers. Together we will build the 1 Belt 1 Road International Volunteer Center (1B1R IV Center) and raise awareness of the importance of volunteering. 


  1. One of the highlights will be the Olympic Games Volunteering at the 2022 Beijing Olympics! In preparation to this large event we will also have many other Olympic related events

  2. Other highlights will include volunteering in all China, from small events to help the communities in Beijing and other large cities to book and cloth donation days.
  3. A main target of the 1 Belt 1 Road International Volunteer Center will be to help the Chinese Government to reach its goal of eliminating poverty in China. We will therefore also arrange several volunteering trips and activities to poorer provinces in whole China!
  4. A further goal of the Center is to spread 福 (fu - luck & Happiness) allover China and the world with markets, events, calendars and more.

Do you want to be part of this exciting journey and help the world become a better place? Be able to travel in China and help eliminate poverty? Help with the organization of the Olympic Games? spread 福 (fu) allover the world?

Become part of the new 1 Belt 1 Road International Volunteer Center now!

We have 3 ways to become part of our community: Premium Member, Simple Member & Sales Member/ Donator.

Premium Membership (200RMB / Year)

  1. Volunteer Certificate
  2. 1B1R IV Center Membercard
  3. Welcome Gift Bag (T-shirt, Cotton-Bag, Notebook and Pen)
  4. Prefered Volunteer (higher chances to participate at various volunteer events allover China & Olympic Games)
  5. Opportunity to become a Project Leader (bring in your own ideas - also on global scale)
  6. Join the 1B1R IV Group and exchange ideas
  7. Discount for InternsInBeijing events and partner events
  8. Receive regular information about the upcoming volunteer activities

Simple Membership (free)

  1. Receive regular information about the upcoming volunteer activities
  2. Able to participate at our volunteer activities (if there are limited spots - Premium Members will have priority)


Sign up today & become part of the largest Volunteer Center in the World

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