InternsInBeijing signs MoU with CVA – Building the basis for the Olympic Games 2022

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The Culture and Art Committee of China Volunteers Association (CCVA) (中华志愿者协会文化艺术志愿者委员会) and InternsInBeijing (IiB) (北京英杰福客咨询公司) have announced a new cooperation agreement to develop the 1 Belt 1 Road International Volunteer Center, jointly work on all kind of volunteering activities and to prepare for the Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing.

CVA MoU InternsInBeijing Olympic Games 2022 Volunteers

The agreement, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), formalizes the mutual interaction and strengthens the existing relationship between the CCVA and InternsInBeijing at the strategic and working level.

The CCVA and InternsInBeijing have a shared objective of making volunteering in China more international. This MoU provides for the continued strengthening of future cooperation between the CCVA and InternsInBeijing in achieving common goals that will increase the mix of Chinese and international volunteering in China, especially in the areas of poverty alleviation and the Olympic Games.

Jeff Frey, CMO & Co-Founder of InternsInBeijing, said: “There is a big demand for the internationalization of all volunteering programs in China. Having this agreement will help us to involve more international candidates in volunteering programs all over China. With this, we can make our contribution to our core goals of poverty alleviation and make the volunteering at the Olympic Games truly international. By helping to build the International Volunteer Center, which is part of the 1 Belt 1 Road Initiative of the Chinese Government, InternsInBeijing can shape the way volunteering will evolve in China and this is an extraordinary honor given to us.”

Yu Mo, Vice Director CCVA said: “Right now we have registered more than 100 million volunteers in China and according to China’s 13th 5 years plan we will have 184 million volunteers (13% of China’s population) in 2020, which makes the volunteering programs in China really huge and complicated and requires great knowledge, wisdom and support from all over the world. InternsinBeijing has done a splendid work to get Chinese and international young people together, and we are quite sure that the communication and cooperation between two parties will create great opportunities and possibilities and build a gorgeous volunteer world. We would believe China Volunteers Association-1b1r Volunteer Center will be the home for all the volunteers.

For details on the MoU reach out to the contacts below. 

Press enquiries:

Yu Mo, Vice Director, CCVA

Jeff Frey, CMO & Co-Founder, InternsInBeijing

If you want to be a part of the New 1 Belt 1 Road International Volunteer Center you can  join us here! 

About the CVA

CHINA VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION (CVA), founded on April 26, 2011, is the national social organization led by the Ministry of civil affairs of People’s Republic of China and is the highest level Chinese volunteer organization. The Association Council is founded by eight Ministerial officials from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Education, the Central Civilization Office, the National Women’s Federation, China Federation of Trade Unions, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the State Health, and Family Planning Commission and China Red Cross. Culture and Art Committee of China Volunteers Association is the sub-association of CVA which mainly focuses on culture and art volunteer projects and international culture & art communication programs.

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About InternsInBeijing

InternsInBeijing is with 30’000 followers the largest expat Wechat platform in Beijing and helps companies to find the best (inter-)national talents to grow their business. Its aim is to facilitate the job-, internship- and volunteering search for young professionals in China. InternsInBeijing partners include some of the largest international companies and organizations in the world.

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